ZETATOYS ZA01 Take Off and ZA01 Whirlblade

ZETATOYS interpretation for for Combaticons MP Blast-Off and Vortex

ZETATOYS are new players to the 3rd party Transformers market. They are entering the stage guns blazing with Armageddon – a masterpiece scaled Bruticus/Combaticons inspired bots! First up on their release are the combiner arm limbs: ZA01 – Take Off (aka Blast Off) and ZA01 – Whirlblade (aka Vortex). These are just the limbs and they are huge! Check out the MP scale comparisons in the gallery below. The limb bots stand head to shoulder of Masterpiece Optimus Prime, with their Combaitcon leader aka Onslaught towering over Optimus by a chest and half! the combined bot Armageddon (aka Bruticus) has been confirmed to stand at a whopping 50cm!

The standard pricing for masterpiece scaled figures these days average on the $100.00 AUD mark however new Aussie retailer ToyBotImportz.com.au have these figures on offer at a wallet pleasing $69.00 AUD. What does this convert to in USD – rougly $35.00?

One does have to question quality, particularly with the affordable price range. People will of course want to see reviews before making it rain. WELL GUESS WHAT?! Rumour has it, an Australian reviewer who has been dormant as of late *cough* Kathleen’s Klutter *cough* might be getting an Australian exclusive preview of the ZETATOYS prototypes for ZA01 and ZA02. This is all to be confirmed (fingers crossed), so be sure to follow and subscribe to keep up to date.

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Image source:
ToyBotImportz.com.au – ZA01 Take Off
ToyBotImportz.com.au – ZA02 Whirlblade
ToyBotImportz Facebook: AKA Onslaught
ZETATOYS Facebook Page:

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