Zeta Toys ZA-05

Combaticon Swindle

Zeta Toys have released images of what appears to be a 3D printed prototype of their ZA-05 aka Combaticon Swindle. 

This is a much better looking figure when compared to their Take-Off and Whirlblade figures (it’s always going to be hard to hide the kibble for aerial type alt modes).

Based on the aesthetics of this Swindle prototype, I really do think Zeta Toys is a strong contender as the MP scaled Bruticus to add to your collection. I know a lot of people have their doubts based on the designs of their Vortex and Blast-Off equivalent, but let’s see how the other 3rd parties stack up when they reveal their limb bots for their Bruticus.

Source: Zeta Toys

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