Unite Warriors EX Baldigus aka Ruination

In true fandom logic, one would expect repaint after repaint of Transformers figures. Let’s take a look at the Combiner Wars Bruticus, the G2 repaint was not only expected, it was anticipated.

However, Takara’s repaint of Bruticus to Ruination is a surprise – only because in all the forum discussions I’ve joined on Facebook, I don’t think anyone mentioned or entertained the concept.

Thanks to Takara Tomy Mall, we now have images of the team including indivodual bot and vehicle mode for:

  • Dangar/Armorhide
  • Greejeeper/Rollbar
  • Shuttler/Movor
  • Heptar/Rotor
  • Dolrailer/Mega Octane
  • and of course their combined gestalt form Ruination.

It is good to see Takara recognise the scramble city combination of Ruination, showing their air and land mission combination. Complete with their autobot G2 faction symbol, these figures will satisfy collectors who favour that quirky flavour in their collection.

Image source: Takara Tomy Mall

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