Transformers: The Last Knight Review

A Transformers Fan, First Impression

This is very light on spoilers. In fact I don’t think it has any, so you should be safe. Any plot reveals were all evident in the trailers.

Before I get started, let me just make it clear that I am not a Michael Bay hater. I tend to stay away from the Bayerse vs G1 discussions because it gets really old. In saying that, I was not even aware there was a “Writer’s Room” for Transformers: The Last Knight, in an effort to bring credible ideas outside of Michael Bay’s influence. Had I known this going in to the movie, I would have had higher expectations.

I quite enjoyed the previous releases: Transformers, Return of the Fallen (ROTF) and Dark of The Moon (DOTM). Age of Extinction (AOE) was a stretch but the added Dinobots, Lockdown and new characters was a bonus.

Let me also say that I am quite easy to please as a movie goer: comedies need to make me laugh, drama need to tug at emotions and action films need to provide excitement.

The following is my first impression, it’s not your typical review, just a bullet point list of my thoughts, feeling and reaction to the film. Without any spoilers, here is my review of The Last Knight.

The movie starts off with a clear explanation of the “Knight” theme – cool. The following is all in the trailer: It then picks up from where AOE left off, with Optimus Prime in space and with Chicago and the rest of the world still in an anti-Transformers security alert.

The rest of the movie proceeds like reading a book but skipping every second chapter. Even for a Transformers fan who has watched the previous Michael Bay movies and can keep the G1 and comic continuities completely separate to the Bayverse, the story is just filled with plot holes, leaving you wondering:

  • Who is that character?
  • Why does that character look the way they do?
  • Why does that character have those abilities?
  • Where did those characters go?
  • What is the point of that scene?
  • How is that character back?
  • Why even introduce those characters?
  • Why is that character even in the film at all and playing a major role?
  • Is it even Autobots vs Decepticons anymore?
  • Are those Tie fighters? Am I watching Star Wars?
  • Is that C3PO?
  • An ocean chase scene spanning the global waters in 2 minutes huh?
  • How can a multi-million dollar, military grade machine, be destroyed by a piece of rope? Seriously?
  • So you get shot in the chest and there are 4 explosions on the ground around you. Really? This was very tacky, even for Bay standards.

In addition, Transformers: The Last Knight, I thought lacked a couple of very specific features to the idea of “Transformers”:

  1. Epic transformations (or transformations in general)
  2. Transformers presence (the humans had more screen time than the bots)

But it’s not all bad, If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest you read the review from a fellow Aussie: Transformers: The Last Knight – Australian First Reaction Review (light on spoilers). It is well written and should get you excited. I do appreciate the fan service and certain positives:

  • A gentle nod to the cartoon series “RiD 2015” with Sqweeks obviously inspired from “Fixit” among other RiD 2015 inspirations (this was all nice)
  • Throwing in names and characters from various continuities will make a fan squeal with excitement just for a moment. But it all ends. Abruptly.
  • The rumoured Bumblebee spin-off make sense – you get a glimpse of where it could go from the film.
  • The brief flashbacks connecting character designs of old to the modern era was a nice touch.
  • The revelation of “The Maker” is a nice reference – although the explanation was vague and lacking. This wouldn’t make sense to someone new to the fan base.
  • Referring to a particular character’s name properly, will make fans happy.
  • The voice acting for Cogman was fantastic – a very likeable character.
  • Character cameos from previous films was fun.
  • The film had quite a few funny moments thanks to Cogman, Mark Wahlberg and Sir Anthony Hopkins and some sexual innuendos, but they weren’t memorable. I couldn’t spoil them for you even if I wanted.

All in all. I thought the movie was quite lazy. So lazy in fact, it had the shortest end credit roll I have ever witnessed. It’s almost like the people involved in the film were like: “NOOOOPE! I am not adding my name to this!” so they opted out.

There is plenty of room for improvement – simply filling in those plot holes. The whole film just tried to fit in too many ideas in 150 minutes. Perhaps a Bluray release with extended scenes will do the film justice? Maybe.

I hope this doesn’t deter you from watching the movie (just expect the worst). I highly recommend you read the blog from TCCA. The franchise need fan support so we can hope to get better movies in future with more toy releases.

After you watch the movie for yourself, let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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