Takara Tomy TLK-15 Leader Class Optimus Prime

Edit: It looks like the shield is made from the truck bed! Which means a less backpack.

Stanley Cheung has shared magazine scans on Facebook, of an upcoming Takara Tomy Transformers figure: TLK-15 Leader Class Optimus Prime. The figure will be a remould of Hasbro’s AOE Leader Optimus Prime – which Takara already remoulded to include the gauntlet effects on the arms and gloves. TLK-15 seems to have a an improved design with a new truck bed, as well as a sword, power axe and a newly designed shield (yes, just a shield, not a shield gun). If you look carefully, the shield looks to be able to transform. Perhaps even forming part of the truck?

I dont know about you, but personally, I have been passing on Hasbro releases in favour of what Takara has to offer.

Are you Hasbro or Takara when it comes to Transformers? Comment below.

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