Takara Masterpiece MP39 Sunstreaker

Edit: The chest is fake! WTF man. It’s just kibble!
I did not see this coming! Usually 3rd Party companies, release figures AFTER  the official Transformers release and not the other way around. Planet Iacon – Singapore has shared images of the next Transformers Masterpiece from Takara – MP39 Sunstreaker.

Some collectors have say MP39 is a vast improvement on previous designs by Bad Cube and OmniGonix, with Takara featuring:

  • multiple head sculpts
  • hidden weapon storage in bot mode (check out the pic with the hollow leg)
  • a miniature Chip figure
  • slide-up doors (alt mode)
  • retractable headlights (alt mode) and
  • a pop up hood (alt mode).

Is it an improvement on previous 3rd party designs? First impression – I agree and having an official product is always a bonus! But it’s hard to tell and I can’t really comment since I am still waiting to receive my Bad Cube Sunsurge from a particular retailer :'(

Since the release of the scanned magazine images, the following meme from Kuma Style speaks the truth! If you are in the market for an MP scaled Sunstreaker, keep a look out in the Transformers Buy and Sell groups on Facebook – I have seen 3rd party versions already up for sale, for as low as $60 USD including shipping.




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