Fans Hobby MB-05 FLYPRO Review

This is my first test shot product direct from a manufacturer: MB-05 FLYPRO aka Grotusque from the Transformers Autobot, Monsterbot team. I am so happy to receive this test shot to review. The manufacturer is Fans Hobby, […]


Zeta Toys ZA-05

Combaticon Swindle Zeta Toys have released images of what appears to be a 3D printed prototype of their ZA-05 aka Combaticon Swindle.  This is a much better looking figure when compared to their Take-Off and Whirlblade figures (it’s always […]


Transformers: The Last Knight Review

A Transformers Fan, First Impression — This is very light on spoilers. In fact I don’t think it has any, so you should be safe. Any plot reveals were all evident in the trailers. Before […]


ZetaToys ZA02 Whirlblade Review

Thanks to Toy Bot Importz and Zeta Toys, I have the priviledge to review a prototype of ZA02 Whirlblade aka Combaticon Vortex. Bear in mind that this is a prototype and there are some issues evident due […]

Toy Review

ZetaToys ZA01 Take-Off Review

Thanks to Toy Bot Importz and Zeta Toys, I have the priviledge to review a prototype of ZA01 Take Off aka Combaticon Blast Off. Bear in mind that this is a prototype and there are some issues […]


Teaser MP Beast Wars Dinobot

Twitter user @MASABON2011 has shared a pic from a 2017 Japanese Transformers Fan Book, which contains a prototype 3D rendering of Beast Wars Dinobot! This makes me so happy and excited! I grew up in the Beast […]


DX – D12 Gabriel aka Omega Supreme

DX9 teased fans 2 days ago with their own interpretation of Omega Supreme: D12 Gabriel. Today, DX9 unveil their curtains and reveal 3D renderings of the Autobot guardian!. The image below details the features of […]


ZETATOYS ZA01 Take Off and ZA01 Whirlblade

ZETATOYS interpretation for for Combaticons MP Blast-Off and Vortex ZETATOYS are new players to the 3rd party Transformers market. They are entering the stage guns blazing with Armageddon – a masterpiece scaled Bruticus/Combaticons inspired bots! […]


Takara Leader Class TLK Megatron

Thanks to Twitter user @AdpgmoF40048 we are given a sneak peak of Takara’s Leader Class ‘The Last Knigh’t Megatron via magazine scans. It doesn’t look like there is much difference in the mould when compared to the […]


Takara Tomy TLK-15 Leader Class Optimus Prime

Edit: It looks like the shield is made from the truck bed! Which means a less backpack. Stanley Cheung has shared magazine scans on Facebook, of an upcoming Takara Tomy Transformers figure: TLK-15 Leader Class […]


Hi Res MP39 Magazine Scans via Loopaza Mega Store

Edit: The chest is fake! WTF man. It’s just kibble! Hey guys, thought you’d appreciate hi-res magazine scans of Transdormers Takara MP 39 Sunstreaker via Loopaza Mega Store on Facebook. If you can read Japanese, give us […]


Takara Masterpiece MP39 Sunstreaker

Edit: The chest is fake! WTF man. It’s just kibble! I did not see this coming! Usually 3rd Party companies, release figures AFTER  the official Transformers release and not the other way around. Planet Iacon […]


FansToys FT-24 Rouge aka MP Arcee

Just when Wei Jiang’s Alcee finished making the rounds, with some collectors throwing $50 at retailers for the oversized Transformers Generations Arcee – Fanstoys reveals their MP scaled version of our pink Fembot. Introducing FT-24 Rouge. […]


C+ Combiner Wars Victorion 3rd Party Add-on

In case you missed my previous post, check out the C+ add-on set for Transformers Combiner Wars Defensor. C+ have released images of their new addition to their Combiner Wars add-on. This set looks like an […]

Geeking Out

Unite Warriors EX Baldigus aka Ruination

In true fandom logic, one would expect repaint after repaint of Transformers figures. Let’s take a look at the Combiner Wars Bruticus, the G2 repaint was not only expected, it was anticipated. However, Takara’s repaint […]


Stock Photos: MMC R-23 Dicamus aka Roadbuster

I started reading the Transformers IDW Comics recently. More specifically the series ‘Sins of the Wreckers’ (yeah…I now know I should have started with ‘The Last Stand of the Wreckers’). Ever since reading these comics, […]