Takara Leader Class TLK Megatron

Thanks to Twitter user @AdpgmoF40048 we are given a sneak peak of Takara’s Leader Class ‘The Last Knigh’t Megatron via magazine scans. It doesn’t look like there is much difference in the mould when compared to the […]


Takara Tomy TLK-15 Leader Class Optimus Prime

Edit: It looks like the shield is made from the truck bed! Which means a less backpack. Stanley Cheung has shared magazine scans on Facebook, of an upcoming Takara Tomy Transformers figure: TLK-15 Leader Class […]


Hi Res MP39 Magazine Scans via Loopaza Mega Store

Edit: The chest is fake! WTF man. It’s just kibble! Hey guys, thought you’d appreciate hi-res magazine scans of Transdormers Takara MP 39 Sunstreaker via Loopaza Mega Store on Facebook. If you can read Japanese, give us […]


Takara Masterpiece MP39 Sunstreaker

Edit: The chest is fake! WTF man. It’s just kibble! I did not see this coming! Usually 3rd Party companies, release figures AFTER  the official Transformers release and not the other way around. Planet Iacon […]

Geeking Out

Unite Warriors EX Baldigus aka Ruination

In true fandom logic, one would expect repaint after repaint of Transformers figures. Let’s take a look at the Combiner Wars Bruticus, the G2 repaint was not only expected, it was anticipated. However, Takara’s repaint […]


Coloured Images of Takara UW08 Computron

Coloured images of Takara UW08 Computron, courtesy of Amazon Japan. The combined mode looks great! Attention to detail with the added effects on the combined chest plate is what we expect from Takara.


Takara Strafe Looks Gorgeous!

Thanks to @TFYUKI on Twitter, we now have prototype images for Takara Unite Warriors UW08 Strafe and it looks absolutely gorgeous! We know from the silhouette images that Tak’s strafe was going to be a […]


Takara Computron – Bot and Alt Mode Pics

Thanks to Facebook user Wal Ken G.Siocs from Transformers Generation Zero, we have new images of the Takara Unite Warriors UW08. We have have a 3D coloured preview model for Computron as well as individual robot […]