Zeta Toys ZA-05

Combaticon Swindle Zeta Toys have released images of what appears to be a 3D printed prototype of their ZA-05 aka Combaticon Swindle.  This is a much better looking figure when compared to their Take-Off and Whirlblade figures (it’s always […]


ZetaToys ZA02 Whirlblade Review

Thanks to Toy Bot Importz and Zeta Toys, I have the priviledge to review a prototype of ZA02 Whirlblade aka Combaticon Vortex. Bear in mind that this is a prototype and there are some issues evident due […]


ZETATOYS ZA01 Take Off and ZA01 Whirlblade

ZETATOYS interpretation for for Combaticons MP Blast-Off and Vortex ZETATOYS are new players to the 3rd party Transformers market. They are entering the stage guns blazing with Armageddon – a masterpiece scaled Bruticus/Combaticons inspired bots! […]

Geeking Out

Unite Warriors EX Baldigus aka Ruination

In true fandom logic, one would expect repaint after repaint of Transformers figures. Let’s take a look at the Combiner Wars Bruticus, the G2 repaint was not only expected, it was anticipated. However, Takara’s repaint […]