Stock Photos: Play Arts Kai Deadpool

Premium Collectables have opened their pre orders for the Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant Deadpool and it looks awesome! I’ve seen prototype images of Deadpool from various toy fairs (not to mention the variant Wolverine coming out as well) and it’s been on my list since first site! Now with pre-orders popping up here and there, the stock images look amazing!

In true Play Arts Kai (PAK) fashion, the Deadpool comes with the standard PAK stand and numerous accessories including: 13 individual hand gestures, 3 variant heads, a rifle, 2 swords, a knife and 3 kunai in varied sizes.

Overall, the figure looks great in the stock photos. If I had to nitpick… I am a bit disappointed int he lack of twin pistols – the pistols are almost as iconic as the twin swords  right?

We can expect all the usual articulation points like you would in any PAK figure. Let’s just hope the quality is acceptable – I have heard horror stories with broken joints e.g. PAK Arkham Knight and Nightwing –  not to mention my personal experience; two left legs on my PAK Tomb Raider.

I missed out on the Hot Toys Deadpool, so this is definitely on my list!

P.S. Premium Collectables sold out on its first release (and I missed out) but I have been told personally that they will be getting a second run (so keep a look out!)

Source: Premium Collectables

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