Play Arts Kai Batgirl

Images of the NEW Play Arts Kai, Batgirl, have been floating around the internet groups and it looks fantastic! This is different to the previous variant edition and looks to be based from one of the New 52: Batgirl, characters.

From the images we can see the new knees have have been applied, which is the same as the knees on the Batman Arkham Knight – Harley Quinn. I am not actually sure if these are new knees…so correct me if I am wrong. What I am trying to say, is that they are not the usual double jointed knee, but a singular ball hinge, similar to Figma action figures. In my opinion, the ball hinge offers far greater stability and freedom of articulation, much better than the traditional double jointed knee joint.

I am new to the Play Arts Kai collecting game and the more I see them, the more I want to throw my empty wallet at the screen (haha).

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