Stock Photos: Play Arts Kai Rogues Gallery Joker

Joker is the second figure in the Play Arts Kai, DC Comics Rogue series. Wait…who was the first? The ‘Batman’ Two Face?

This action figure by Square Enix is 29 cm tall. Joker comes with:

  • 1 standard Play Arts Kai display Base
  • 1 interchange face
  • Gun
  • Boomerang
  • Cards
  • Knife
  • and 4 interchangeable hands

This figure is of course not Batman, but the Joker in a Batman suit with a purple and green colour scheme in true Joker fashion. Check out the stock images below, the sculpt and detailing on this figure is excellent! It is so detailed, the scruffiness, tattered cape, utility belts and rugged piecing together of the costume makes this an excellent display piece.

Image Source: Premium Collectables

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