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Hot Toys DX15 –Pirates of the Caribbean: DMTNT – Jack Sparrow

After being deserted on an island since 2011, Hot Toys has finally made a raft out of sea turtles and has brought us an all new Captain Jack Sparrow figure from the latest 2017 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

This 1/6th scale collectible figure has 30 points of articulation and is made with great attention to detail.

Hot Toys has used real fabric, faux fur and other materials to create a realistic and detailed likeness of Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp and each head sculpt (made by Kojun) is carefully hand painted by JC. Hong. It comes with an assortment of weapons and accessories, 2 interchangeable faces and seperate rolling eyeballs which is a pretty cool feature.

Hot Toys said it would be expected to be released Q4, 2017 – Q1, 2018

I for one am excited for this figure to be released so I can hold it and keep it close like Jack Sparrow with his jar of dirt. If you’re as excited as me check out the gallery and comment below with your thoughts.

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