Stock Photos: MMC R-23 Dicamus aka Roadbuster

I started reading the Transformers IDW Comics recently. More specifically the series ‘Sins of the Wreckers’ (yeah…I now know I should have started with ‘The Last Stand of the Wreckers’). Ever since reading these comics, I have been a big fan of the Autobot Black Ops team – the ‘Wreckers’. Now I want to collect all the Wreckers from the IDW series.

Mastermind Creations (MMC) recently released stock photos of MMC R-23 Dicamus aka Roadbuster.Judging by the images and from the track record of MMC, I know this Roadbuster figure is going to be amazing! Fully articulated (it can even do the now cliche super hero landing), true to the orange and brown colour scheme and featuring a big gun (could be bigger), this Roadbuster is not to be missed! You can expect a review from yours truly, once this figure is released in November 2016.

Image Source: Premium Collectables


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