Mafex Spider-Man Homecoming Version

Thanks to we have images of the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming Version by Mafex.

This figure looks to be the same mold as the Amazing Spider-Man (standard and deluxe version) also by Mafex. Obviously some added redeco to fit the new Spiderman from Captain America Civil War, other than that the joints and articulation look to be exactly the same.

What can we expect? The best articulation! The pose with Spidey crouched on all fours, is an indication of the range of movement with this figure. On the other hand, with if this is anything like the Amazing Spider-Man version, the joints on this figure will also be loose. Expect the figure to have difficulties standing on its own.

Assuming Mafex releases a ‘deluxe’ version, I would wait for that instead. We can hope for additional hand gestures, accessories and magnetic hands and feet with a metal base. If a deluxe version is not released, this figure will be an easy pass.

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