Flame Toys Transformers 01. Drift

Flame Toys is a new collectable toys brand focusing on high-end toys products. Partnering with Hasbro, their first release into the market is Transformers 01. Drift (an officially licensed Transformers product).

Based on the IDW character design, Drift is looking more like a Gundam figure rather than a Transformer. Flame Toys featured the coloured test model at the Anime Expo 2017 in Los Angeles and the figure looks amazing! The colouring and sleek design is everything you would expect from the ninja/samurai bot warrior.

Standing at 19cm tall, the figure will feature two swords stored at the hip and Drift’s Great Sword stored behind the back in line with the spine.

Transformers 01. Drift is a non transforming figure, which allows Flame Toys to focus on the aesthetics and the auto-morph articulation of the figure. – as shown in the complex levers and mechanics hidden beneath the leg panels of of the figure.

The biggest selling point of Transformers 01. Drift is its articulated design and auto-morph gimmicks:

Flame Toys have been sharing teasers of the articulation and auto-morph features of their debut figure, keeping fans updated and eagerly awaiting.

What do you think about about Transformers 01. Drift by Flame Toys? Where does the figure fit in your collection?

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