Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai Cindy Aurum

My fiance has been a fan of Final Fantasy since FFVII and FFVIII. Actually, I think those are the only Final Fantasy games he has played! I tried the free demo of FFXV on PS4 and I am not a fan of the gameplay style. BUT…I can’t deny the awesome graphics, scenery and character designs – aesthetically the game looks beautiful – just like the bubbly mechanic character Cindy Aurum.

Play Arts Kai is releasing a figure of the popular character. The sculpting and paintwork on Cindy recreates her distinctive outfit: with her hat, yellow jacket and textured detailing to give the figure a game accurate look – all the way down to her tan lines!

Just quietly, I think Cindy is going to have the same popularity as the Play Arts Kai figure ‘Quiet’. I’ll let you ponder why.

The Play Arts Kai Cindy, action figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts and will stand 27.9cm tall.

Source: | Square-Enix


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