Figma Deadpool + DX Ver

Pants off for Chimichangas!

Just when I thought the Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi No.001 Deadpool was the bees knees, Figma comes out of the blue with their own version of Deadpool! Am I crying? No. But my wallet will be because this Figma Deadpool looks so much better than Revoltech (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, the Revoltech Deadpool version is still good – it has some of the best articulation I have every seen in an action figure! However, where it fails is in its moulded non functioning accessories (I will do a review eventually and will show you what I mean). Figma however (judging by the gallery below), you can see the accessories are actually functional, not just moulded on for looks.

It’s important to note there are two different releases for the Figma figure, the standard and the DX version. The figures will stand approximately 160mm and are scheduled for release in November, 2017. Which version do you go for? Well that depends on whether you like Deadpool half naked with a Chimichanga.

The standard Figma Deadpool comes with the following accessories:

  • 3x headsculpts
  • 1x pistol
  • 1x revolver
  • 2x katana
  • 1x knife and
  • 13x interchangeable hand gestures

Figma Deadpool (Standard)

Figma Deadpool DX ver.

The Figma Deadpool DX version comes with the same accessories plus:

  • 1x half masked headscultp
  • 2x assault rifles
  • 1x Chimichanga hand
  • 1x Chimichanga
  • 2x sai
  • 1x interchangeable thigh/leg piece, sporting white boxers with love heart patters

So… should you pick one up? Hell yes! I have a few Figma figures and I can vouch for their quality. I am sure that Figma Deadpool will not disappoint!

Expect a lot of second-hand Revoltech Deadpool figures hitting eBay soon!




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