LEGO Minifigures The Disney Series

Lego has revealed their upcoming Disney, minifigure series due to arrive in May 2016. As a disney fan, this is very exciting for me.

The likes of Ariel, the Little Mermaid, was previously released by lego but in Disney Princess form. It’s great to have her as a proper minifigure.

However, with this line, I feel there are a couple of poor choices in selection; that of course is Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story Alien. Both have been released previously with the alien having no obvious difference. Buzz however has a completely new head – sporting the classic minifigure head as opposed to the moulded details on the original set release. Despite the poor character choice with Buzz, I am still going to collect the whole set.

Hopefully Lego, will release another wave of Disney characters, like they did with the Simpsons minifigures.

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