C+ 3rd Party Add-on for Combiner Wars Defensor

Hey guys check this out! New 3rd party company on the scene by the name of “C+” (I believe).

Their first release looks to be an add on set for Transformers Combiner Wars Defensor.

Like with all add-on sets, it’s all parts forming. No images of how these parts might look in alt or bot mode have not been released yet.

Take a look at the feet/legs, it definitely looks like this set adds a lot more stability and height to the original Hasbro set.

The biggest upgrade is obviously the torso. Sporting “G1” aesthetics, the default transformation for Defensor looks to be modified to fit the torso upgrade (take a look carefully).

The final product is reminiscent of MakeToys Guardia but hopefully at 1/5th the price!

Images courtesy of Stanley Cheung on Facebook, shared on Transformers Generation Zero.

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