Transformers Live Action Movie 10 Year Anniversary

10 Year Anniversary Transformers Toys

To this day we still have the Bayformers vs G1, hate debate. It’s been 10 years people, time to move on, you can like what you like and leave others to their own preferences.

Takara have released images of their upcoming Transformers movie reissues to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the live action movie.

As much as I like the original G1 cartoons and movies, it’s the Michael Bay Transformers movie franchise which introduced me to the world of Transformers toys and the collector fandom. It was the DOTM toys which sucked me in – particularly the voyager class Megatron with the hood accessorie. I was blown away with how they incorporated the hood to the toy in bot and truck mode.

It’s been 10 years since Michael Bay showed us that anything can and will explode in a giant robot movie. Takara have released images of their upcoming Transformers movie reissues to celebrate the occasion.

Although all the figures in this gallery have been released prior, these anniversary exclusives feature movie accurate paint and styling. Check out the ROTF Voyager Megatron – it comes in the gun metal silver with gold/rust trim (a Masterpiece had it been a a leader size). It makes you wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the Takara Design and Marketing team; ‘that is a perfect representation of the movie character, let’s park it, give the fans something completely average and release the good figures later on to trick them for their money’, that’s how it had to go down – there is no other logic!

I pretty much have all these figures so I am not going to be tricked so easily….maybe….

However, if you are new to the Transformers collector scene and the Bayformer movies is all you know – welcome! Check out the gallery below and prepare your wallet!

Image source: Premium Collectables

Image source: Premium Collectables

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